Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Product Review: Battlefield in a box Large Craters and Ruined House

I recently picked up a bit more terrain for my WW2 collection it may be designed with WW1 in mind but a crater is a crater and I'd imagine European architecture didn't change much from 1914 - 1945 so the ruined building fits in really well.

So what does your $29 USD get you? Two craters and a ruined house and two baggies with flock and grass (I never use these I have about 50 or so little baggies around the house) and all pre-painted and it's done pretty nicely. The ruined building fits in well with the building that came with the old Jagdpanther box.

Overall it's cheap and ready to go straight away and as WW1 is played on a smaller table this is a good value product for WW2 I'd suggest picking up 3 or 4 of them if only for the ruined buildings.

Friday, December 26, 2014

God Wills it PART 2

So over the course of threeish weeks I've completed my 6 point Saga Warband. I hand painted the Crossbowmen and Foot Warriors and Hearthguard on foot but after painting that much white you hit a wall. So the knights and hearthguard on horse were all done with my airbrush and it saved soooo much time.

My List is made from the Crusaders list in the Saga book Crescent and Cross which also has the Saga rules within it too it makes it a very cost effective book and it tidies up some of the issues in the previous rule books.

My list consists of:
4 Knights on Foot
4 Knights on Foot 
8 Warriors on Foot
8 Warriors on Foot w/ Crossbows
4 Knights on Horse
8 Warriors on Horse

You may have also noticed a theme throughout the list :P there's a few small things that need finishing like varnishing and big flag for the Warrior horse guy.

All the mini's were from Fireforge Games but purchased from Wayland games for cheap this whole list came out of 2 boxes and one old Warhammer figure.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


So as previously, sort of, not really thought about I've decided after one demo game to start Saga and as usual I'm not contents with smelly Norse folk or the sheep loving Welsh I've chosen Crusaders from the new supplement Crescent and the Cross.
I didn't 100% know what was contained within the book so I headed off to Fireforge miniatures for some of their sweet Templars but once again not content with tradition I though hells why not give my Warlord and his knights a more Holy Grail theme.....

It's Just a Scratch!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Busy guy

Hello everyone, and apologies for now blogging in a long time. Now during my absence I have been up to a whole bunch of things. I went to Panzershrek in Palmerston North it was a 6 hour drive (it took 8 hours due to a navigational error) My team came dead last but we were commended for our painting.
 Cuddles for the little Tank

The road trip was fun both there and back and all our opponents were great folks it was a great weekend and thanks to Bob for putting us up for the weekend.

Now I'll be back with a Flamescon update and some more updates on what I'm thinking of playing next!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Some work for Battlefront

Hey everyone here are some pictures of a couple of things I painted for Battlefront...

Sherman Crocodile

 Buy this mini here Sherman Crocodile

T1E3 Aunt Jemima Mine Rollers

Buy this mini here T1E3 Aunt Jemima Mine Rollers

Thursday, May 15, 2014

How about Warhammer 40K 7th Edition.......

How about nah. With all the goings on in the miniature and wargaming world it's hard to find something that latches on and just going through this blog and my friends blogs I found that we all have a sort of Wargamers ADD so I've decided for the rest of the year at least to limit myself to a few core games.

First things first what's that green garbage can doing shooting a steel fisted gorilla? Killing it that's what! Welcome to the world of Dust an alternative WW2 sci-fi-ish game with Walkers, Zombies, Suicide Zombies, Gorillas, Jet planes, Lasers, Phasers, Tesla weapons and all other kinds of awesome stuff! Dust currently has 2 different types of games Tactics and Warfare. Tactics is played on a paper map thingee with squares and reminds me of Hero Clicks. Warfare is played on a normal wargaming table but seems a bit too complicated for my liking.

Enter Battlefront, you know these guys they make that popular Flames of War game all the kids can afford, anyways Phil Yates is part man, part computer and is working (with the help of a few dashing playtesters and Damian) on something called Dust Battlefield something of an in between and really fun!

I like this game because I get to play with big tank walker robot thingees have Zombies and Heavily armored Laser troopers all in the same list. The mini's are fun to paint and now that I've used awesome man skills to fix both my airbrushes my walkers are going to look sweet. Also sneak peek WIP recon grenadier.

Please note: As much as I wanted to have Nazi Zombies it seems as though Dust has played the Red Alert card and Hitler is out of the way so no swastikas or Nazi Zombies although I'm sure regular Zombies are just as evil.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Big Guns never tire

BOOM! 3 hours work and Dad has himself a em-placed Earthshaker canon. I find painting 28mm is a bit easier after spending 10 odd years painting 15mm same techniques just embiggened. Might have to paint more of this big stuff I just don't want to have to play or pay for it :)