Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kings of War

Another game I've been sold on is Kings of War. I always wanted to get into Warhammer Fantasy but the price and the rules and the 4+ hours for a game kept me away. Then I saw Beasts of War were doing a Kings of War demo and it honestly seems pretty fast and fun.

From what I've seen it looks as though you don't remove individual mini's but when the unit fails a test the whole thing is gone and that your opponent does all the rolling (no saves etc) this cuts down on time. Secondly the price for $87 NZD I have a starter army and for about $25 - $30 I can add on extra boxes of goblins, zombies or whatever. This is definitely something for 2014.  

Malifaux 2.0

Woot new Malifaux 2.0 is out and I couldn't resist getting another crew this time I went with the Guilds Judgement it's 100% plastic it's still their 30-32mm heroic style, just thinner. So if you've got big ham hands probably best stick to the metal mini's.

One of the awesome things about the new plastics it the weight which allows for some awesome poses and balancing that you just couldn't do with metal. Below is the pic of the one piece Lady Justice and the new plastic version of her.

Previously know as Lady Beewbs I guess she won't be anymore. Another awesome thing about Malifaux 2.0 is the new cards they've finally reduced them down to one double sided card which means they'll fit in card protectors now. 
The new Judge looks a lot more dynamic as well plus he has a hat and everyone knows hat's make for a better mini.
Because it's a plastic mini you can do things like have a guy held on by one hand balancing on something on an angle and not have it topple it's pretty awesome. 

Having only seen one game of the new version I'm keen to get my game on and see how the new thing ticks.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Back to the painting table!

With Flamescon  over it's back to the painting table however I don't have any projects or commissions so that means I'm a free agent ready to get stuck into that pile of grey and silver. I've got a few AIW tanks to do and I'm prepping for Malifaux 2.0 I'm going to run Lady Justice this time as Sonia Cridd has become pretty boring.

At Flamescon I got Commended Army which is pretty good considering I didn't finish the heavy mortars and only had decals on one tank hopefully this means I'm getting better at painting and other folks are starting to recognize it too. I will however leave my commission prices the same, see this link .

One of the things I want to invest in, or get as a Christmas present, is a new chair as you may or may no know my painting chair died after about 10 years in service first her gas went then the pan became loose and more recently an arm broke. Usually this wouldn't bother me but because the chair is sitting so low it's causing my hip to ache and that whole nerve cluster sucks so many balls.

So before I go here's a picture of the unfinished army if I'd been more diligent I may have won best painted but that's life.

And of course there was the Iron Painter which I completely forgot about but I remebered that Gav was using his US Tanks. I painted his Eightball for him I asked if he had it (and wasn't using it) and entered it into the comp. I got an Excellent and a certificate which I was pretty happy about.